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About H.O.M.E.

The H.O.M.E. Foundation

The Helping Others Means Everything, or The HOME Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping our Family of Charities during these tough economic times. Through innovative incentives like luxury dream home raffles, home giveaways, and high profile celebrity events from Hollywood to New York City, we bring people together in the spirit of gratitude, social consciousness, and giving.

Lead by President Frankie Verdugo, our mission is to help charities reach their fundraising goals and to bring awareness to their praiseworthy causes. Our high profile dream home raffle and dream home giveaway campaigns will help introduce new donors to our family of charities and allow current supporters another opportunity to participate. By raffling luxury prizes such as a fully furnished LA dream home, a brand new car, special vacation packages, and unique celebrity experiences, new and existing donors are energized and once again brought forth the message of helping others.

And though the gift of giving is a gift itself, a possible prize is always welcomed. The current dream home raffle campaign will be active from November 30, 2012 until the Grand Prize drawing on August 26, 2013. This year the grand prize of a brand new dream home has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and is a 3,100 square foot Contemporary Style dream home, which will be won by one of our charity’s donors or contributors. The furnished dream home is valued at approximately $1,000,000 US dollars.

Through ticket sales we will also be giving up to $2 million dollars away to our partner charities collectively. And preparing the next dream home for our next luxury dream home raffle and giveaway.

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    70,000 Americans between 15-40 are diagnosed with cancer each year. That's one every eight minutes. It's also seven times more than all childhood cancers combined. This is not OK! We exist to ensure that these young adults are made aware of – and given access to – our global support community and the wealth of age-appropriate resources that they should have so they can get busy living.

Family of Charities

The H.O.M.E. Foundation is currently qualifying charities to include in our signature fundraiser. We will be giving away a total of $1 million to our family of charities.

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Community Stories

Tell us about yourself, a friend, or somebody you'd like to recognize as making a difference in your community; perhaps HOME can lend a helping hand.